The Gift of Office Supplies

I'm always looking for new ways to wrap and give gifts, and this year I've decided to include a pencil for each of my loved ones this holiday season.

1. Find the perfect spirit pencil for each of your friends and family. I have to admit its fun to determine who is going to get the red Portugese soft lead pencil vs. who will receive the green Tennessee made pencil with brass details and vintage typography. Try it out! This round barrel cub pencil in periwinkle is a great fit for a co-worker of mine. And, it's 60 cents!

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

2. Include a mini eraser. You can even find some here.

3. What pairs better with bespoke pencils other than these notebooks from Public-Supply. I'm partial to the blue 02 three pack. I made a gift band out of peach kraft paper to wrap the notebooks (see below).

3.5X5.5” - 48 PAGES - DOT OR RULED PAPER - SOFT COVER courtesy of Public-Supply

4. Now, tie it all together with a beautiful natural linen tape from Talas. These historic tapes are used in classical bookbinding techniques and are the perfect finishing touch to this bookish gift.

Book bundle, ready for the holidays

5. Lastly, enjoy your new pencil knowledge and enjoy the holidays!